Here are just a few of the logos and wordmarks I've produced over the years. I've always been attracted to branding design work. Being able to create an identity is a huge honor and responsibility. Its something that will always be associated with the brand or company or individual. I had the privilege of doing just that for the clients below. I worked at the NFL for a few years and my team is the Buffalo Bills, so when the opportunity arose to redesign their wordmark I was thrilled. It was a really big honor to have my design chosen and it gets seen a lot. I couldn't be happier with it. Havly is a luxury towel brand, recently interviewed by Forbes, that is filling the need for a towel of which you want to be brand loyal. They're amazing towels. I met Rosie Perez on the set and got to talking about graphic design and illustration (her husband being one of the greatest designers of our time she knew what she was talking about). She asked me to design a wordmark for her. I said yes and I think we came up with something quite beautiful. Such a fun and intimidating gig. Camera Frontiera is the company name for my friend who is the first female Steady Cam operator to work in narrative. Her first job was on the Golden Globe nominated, Hustlers, so she's off to a good start.​​​​​​​
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