The Pokemon phenomena happened shortly after I was out of the target demographic. And by the time my interest had been peaked about it I felt as if I was now too far removed to become involved - knowing all the powers, origins, lingo etc. I was an outsider looking in. I know that all it would take would be to actually invest some time into learning, but one of the weird things about anxiety and depression is its ability to destroy an interest or desire with the most irrational reasoning. So as a way to introduce myself to the world of Pokemon and deal with my anxiety I decided to draw some of the Pocket Monsters as angsty meloncholy 20 somethings. Thoughts and feelings of anxiety and depression can be pretty dangerous at times so If these images help anyone even in the slightest to know that I understand and can relate to them then thats a win in my opinion. This is a living set so check back every now and again for updates. 
Chartpak Markers on Smooth Bristol Board and Photoshop CC
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