Two of my biggest influences. Akira and Star Wars. Star Wars shaped my childhood, as I'm sure it did many my age, but it was one of the first things I latched on to in my art. The characters, vehicles and story were all so fantastic. I drew Darth Vader's helmet over and over and over because it was so incredible to me. The first drawing of mine that my parents framed was a triptych of scenes from The Empire Strikes Back. I saw Akira in the theater with my friend in 1990. A fascinating, incredible experience. Something for which my 12 year old brain was not ready. It opened my eyes to what cartoons and animation could be. Ever since then I've always enjoyed the parallels in the stories and art and recently I decided to create some images of my imagined combined worlds. You can contact me about prints.
Procreate for iPad and Photoshop CC
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